The Standard does not contain any concrete specifications on methodological approaches. The procedures for collecting and measuring biodiversity and ecosystem services must be presented in the project description in such a way that the fulfilment of the criteria for the methods can be verified. Furthermore, quantification is significantly dependent on the underlying reference scenario. For measures regarding biodiversity conservation, it is particularly important to have a reference scenario for measuring the additionality of the service.

It is important that project providers receive support in quantifying services. Therefore, methods are presented here that are currently used in the context of certification. In the future, a "method toolkit" is to be provided on the Standard’s page and databases are to be shared. The aim is to promote the exchange of data and methods and thus to expand the publicly available knowledge on the quantification and monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

First Methods

  • Biological diversity (here)
  • Water and climate services (here)
  • Pollination (here)
  • Genetic diversity (here)
  • Cultural ecosystem services (here)